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The word originated in the late 1960's at the University of Mississippi among a group of ne'er do well undergraduate partners in crime who were known to frequent late night poker games in the men's dorm shower room...when a player was able to sucker someone into matching or raising a large bet to a pat hand, it was said that you were able to 'woost' him...or set him back on his heels unexpectedly and give him some well deserved comeuppance and teach him a lesson....use of the word spread to include football games,debates.etc where it meant to get the best of the opponent in a decisive manner...being one of the originators of the word in the poker games,I will in all humility take at least partial credit for the origination and initial use of the word
"All ya gotta do is woost 'em one time!"...which means that if you put them in their place early on,they will trouble you no more
by Robbins Mitchell April 06, 2007

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