6 definitions by Robbie J

an impossibility
There is not a sober Irishman in the entire world
by Robbie J June 10, 2003
A person with EXTREME knowledge or skills with computers or electronically gear (but not including actual game). A positive comment which replaces geek and it's sometimes not as positive effect.
Toms the tech around here, he will fix your computer for you and then some
by Robbie J June 10, 2003
Aztec word for vigina or pussy
Mate I wish I could see her tipili
by Robbie J June 10, 2003
The act of blowing air through the pee hole in a mans penis for sexual pleasure
I know this idiot whos only way of sexual pleasure is penal injection
by Robbie J June 10, 2003
nuckle duster with long meteal spikes protuding out of the end for extra damage
I beat up Asher with my nuckle spikes because he is a stupiad fool and deserved it
by Robbie J June 10, 2003
A small annoying boy. Who sucks up to teachers and pure goal in life is to make every one else's a living hell. Has no friends and never will. Is surspected of having sex with own mother due to lack of anyone else.
There is a real nitram at our school
by Robbie J June 10, 2003

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