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this term is used to describe a physical position; while it could be used to describe anyone who is sleeping, it is most appropriately used to describe a condition achieved earlier than normal in the evening, perhaps after happy hour or some alternative form of mood management
"Hey man I called you last night around 10 to see if you wanted to go out," "Ahh.. damn man, by 10 o'clock Ize already ten toes up."
by Robbie Dee December 14, 2005
Can either be really good pot that's not quite the good shit, i.e. good seeds grown outdoors or bad seeds grown in doors; this usually is priced half way between regs an goods;;

OR it can be pretty bad stuff that is simply free of stems and too many seeds and therefore some jerk-off calls it mids so he can justify selling it to you for more $5 or $10 more than it should be

At least... this is what I hear from my friends who do that kind of thing
"is it real mids or just good regs?"

"It tastes like goods, but feels like regs, but shit for half price, bring that shit on fool"
by Robbie Dee December 14, 2005
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