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The physical condition of extremely high levels of muscle mass and extremely low levels of fat found on the body.
Arnold Swartzenegger suffered from a severe case of swoliosis in the 1970's.
by Robbie C-Shot May 07, 2003
The act of slapping your partner across the face with a condom loaded with semen.
Breezy thought she was all that because I let her hit, so gave her a quigahn to let her know whose in charge.
by Robbie C-Shot May 07, 2003
To grab ones nipples and proceed to have intercourse in between the breasts, distinctively flapping the breasts with a whipping motion of the nips as if you were holding the reigns of a chariot.
My breezy was on the rag, so I decided to hit her up chariot style.
by Robbie C-Shot May 08, 2003
Dark sunglasses that cover a good portion of the face rendering the wearer unrecognizable.
He be sportin' locs on the daily cause the police got a warrant for his arrest.
by Robbie C-Shot May 08, 2003

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