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Chronic condition of always being under the influence of marijuana regardless of the time showing on the clock, or being high every hour on the hour, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc..until the person eventually dies of other causes.
Pothead: Whoa bro...Just found out I gotta take a random today. I think my piss may be a little dirty.

Stoner: That blows man. Better stock up on some detox products or else you're gonna be stewed, dude. In the meantime, let's blaze one, yo.

Pothead: Well, it's 1:43 and my appointment is for 3. Hmm...aw, fuck it. Who am I kidding? It's 4:20 24/7!
by Robb H April 30, 2006
Low-paying, unsavory profession entailing the cleaning of the booths where patrons enter to watch a peep show. Condsidered to be the worst career move a person could ever make, this job rates at the very bottom in the self-esteem and prestige categories.
Dave: Whatever happened to Brad, the valedictorian? Wasn't he voted most likely to succeed back in high school?

Tom: I guess he must have fallen on hard times. Last I heard, he was sucking dick for crack after he was fired from his peep show janitor position.
by Robb H April 30, 2006

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