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when you link a girl who isn't particularly hot, at the moment, because you can tell she will be hot in a couple of years, because then you can 'cash in' on the investment when she's fucking buff as fuck

or in short

the act of securing sex with a member of the opposite sex who shows potential to be very attractive in future years with a view to securing future action when 'the chedder has matured'
dude....your sister requires an investment bang
by Rob and Rob September 17, 2007
the act of handing out aggressive sex to a member of the opposite sex, used on those who you have some form of grudge against


to fuck someone particularly hard, particularly from behind, not because they're particuarly hot hot, but because they have irritated you in some way
1) German teacher requires a punishment bang for giving me a D in that oral exam.

2) Give me a 6 week Homework assignment will you Mrs??..we will see about that..its time for your punishment bang!

3) Dude..your mum told my mum that she saw me smoking outside Tesco....she requires a punishment bang
by Rob and Rob September 17, 2007

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