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A sexy young (usually underage) girl. Typically dirty old men like the young ones.
-"Miley is hot! She really is a nymphette and you know how I roll; if there is grass on the field, play ball!"
-"I am going to have to register as a sex offender because I have a problem with these nymphettes."
-"I can't search for nymphette at work anymore because they caught me last week and I already have 2 warnings."

by Rob Yo April 30, 2008
A medical procedure in where a pregnant girl is cut from her poontang to her asshole to accomodate the child.
Girl- "I have news! I am preggers!"
Gay guy "Ewwww, are you are going to have your cooch streched?"
Girl- "I have a tigh poon so they are going to do a Episiotomy"
Gay guy "Whats that my dear?
Girl- "They are going to cut me from my cooch to my asshole!"
Gay guy "Dear Jesus. What happens when you shit? Do you get shit in your cooch??"
Girl- "I will have to get back to you on that"
Gay guy "Can they make my asshole bigger?"
Girl- "I will have to get back to you on that also."
Girl 2 "Is this episiotomy going to help me shit better or let me accomodate donkeys?"
Doctor "I can arrange it so that you can do both at the same time. I will check to see if your insurance covers it."
by Rob Yo April 30, 2008
The word is short for PREGNANT. This is probably the most HORRIBLE way you can attempt to make the word "pregnant" sound cute.

If you are straight and have a dick you should never EVER use it under any circumstances and is punishable by a slap in the face by all (straight) men. If you are a girl, you must only whisper it so that no guy ever hears it (unless he is gay, which such case it's ok for him to hear you say the word preggers).
Guy 1 -"Dude, my girl is preggers"
Guy 2 -"WTF is wrong with you??? Don't ever say the P word or else I will slap you"
Guy 1 -"Mybad. I need to stop watching E!"
Girl "I have news! I am preggers!!!"
Gay guy "Ewwww, are you are going to have your cooch streched?"
Girl "No....I have a loose cooch so it should be easy."
Gay guy "Thats one good thing of being a whore. Congratulations on your extra welfare check"
by Rob Yo April 30, 2008
This is an abbreviation for Orange County. I personally have never heard of the abbreviation since they came up with that stupid TV show the O.C. I guess people think they are cool when they say O.C. instead of saying Orange County. Notable destinations are Disneyland, and Knotts Berry Farm.
Dude, lets go to the O.C. and go to Disneyland!

by Rob Yo April 29, 2008
Pronounced T-DOT (tee-dot). This is a shortening of the abbreviation of T.O. which is already short for Toronto. The locals decided that T.O. was too much to remember (or too hard to pronounce) so it became T. because saying just the letter T doesn't work. The locals that came up with this BS have have a low I.Q. because they reduced their big city to a letter and a period while showing how stupid they are at all the same time.
"We beeez 'illin in da T-Dot!"
-"I juz can't remember the entire name of Toronto so I sez T-Dot!"
-"What kind of retard came up with T-Dot?"
-"We peeps in the T-Dot can abbreviate our city because we thinks we are just as good as NYC and LA"
-"Bro, don't EVER say T-Dot because you sound ignorant and stupid. Next time you say that in front of me, I will slap you!"
-"Yo! I wanted at first to call the T-Dot just T but I just found out that peeps it get mixed up with AT&T. WTF is AT&T?"
by Rob Yo April 30, 2008
Instead of the logical definition of I.E. (which is a Latin translation of "That is"), some people decided it would be a great idea to abbreviate the Inland Empire and make it sound cool.
This area is located 37 miles inland in Southern California and has a desert like climate: either very hot or very cold. I don't know of any reason why anyone would want to go there.

There is nothing cool about and it appears to be getting worse. Recently, anyone that can't afford living in Los Angeles moved out to the Inland Empire which includes illegal aliens, and gang members.

Personally, when I hear I.E., I think of Internet Explorer and anyone that uses it to define the Inland Empire has an IQ of 10.
Dude, lets go to the I.E and kick it with the cholos and essays.

Lets buy a house in the I.E. and grow some corn in our back yard like the ranch we had in Mexico.
by Rob Yo April 29, 2008

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