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Proper noun: The fictional country in which telephone technical support representatives with thick accents live.
"The tech. support guy on the other end of the phone is calling me 'Mister Joe'. He must live in Techsupportistan."
by Rob Woodruff February 11, 2007
Troubleshooting while shouting.
1. A technical support agent may apologize to his co-workers for troubleshouting so loudly after a call with a customer that is hard of hearing.

2. "That last customer was a douchebag. He wouldn't listen to what I was telling him, so the call went from troubleshooting to troubleshouting."

3. "I called tech support but the guy must have been in techsupportistan because we couldn't understand each other. We spent 45 minutes troubleshouting and nothing got resolved."
by Rob Woodruff May 12, 2008

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