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The only good thing that has come out of intellegent life.
Nintendo id the best thing in the world.
by Rob Treacy August 24, 2005
Loacted in 'Six Flags Great Adventure', 'kingda ka' is the worlds fastest & tallest giga coaster. It Accelerates up to 128mph in only 3.5 seconds & shoots up vertically up to 456ft. Riders are then vertically spiral back down 418ft & into a camel back, where the brakes are applied.
Kingda Ka is the worlds tallest & fastest coaster in the world.
by Rob Treacy August 29, 2005
A roller coaster the breaks the 300ft height barrier
'Kingda Ka' is a giga coaster, as it is over 300ft high
by Rob Treacy August 29, 2005

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