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One of the cast members on TechTV's The Screen Savers, a.k.a. D-Tip a.k.a. The Dark Tipper.
D-Tip showed me how to make my friend think his computer had crashed.
by Rob Sessler December 04, 2003
A computer-help show on TechTV, with hosts Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton. Airs Mon-Fri at 7 pm e/p 6 pm central. Join their LAN party POWERED BY NVIDIA every Thursday
After watching The Screen Savers, I realized how little I know about computers.
by Rob Sessler December 17, 2003
A way of restarting one's computer without going to the command restart; used in "emergency" situations (e.g. Blue Screen of Death)
To Cold Boot a computer one must:
On Windows:ctrl+alt+delete
On Mac Os: ctrl+apple+start-up key
Also can be achieved by turning the computer on and off again
by Rob Sessler December 03, 2003
The Screen Savers helped me understand the "mega-this" and "giga-that"
by Rob Sessler December 17, 2003
Invention developed by the people at X-play, proving once again that TechTV is almost literally bouncing off the walls.
They're not just inventions. . . they're X-PLENTIONS!
by Rob Sessler December 03, 2003
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