4 definitions by Rob S

An amusing way of saying "What the fuck" with a little french mixed in. Ahh, refreshing!
What Le Fuck is that guy doing?!
by Rob S February 14, 2004
An odd but strangely compelling song sung by the "Hamsters". They even have an album, how freaky is that? It gets stuck in your head, oh yes it does...dee ba dee ba...
Dee be dee ba doh doh...
by Rob S February 15, 2004
Ponding is the action of drinking champagne or similar alcoholic drink from a person's anus.
Nice one matey - you really have yourself a ponding!
by Rob S January 13, 2005
1) A highly amusing cartoon series in which various small fluffy animals are viciously mauled / mutilated in increasingly bizzare and bloody ways. Therefore, quite funny.

2) The name of an obscure environmental group dedicated to saving the trees.
Save the trees!
by Rob S February 06, 2004

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