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Middle-management buzzword for the need to discuss an issue at a later time.
Since Andy dropped the ball on this one, we will have to circle back next week and go over the numbers.
by Rob Righter December 19, 2007
A growth on the head resulting from getting punched or kicked.
If Randy doesnt leave me alone, I'm going to give him a Face-Muppet.
by Rob Righter August 01, 2006
A middle manager colloquialism for a presentation slide that has too much text.
Andy: while presenting the slide "It's a bit of an eye chart, but here is a list of all the times a middle manager has ever said a buzzword"
by Rob Righter May 12, 2016
A mass email that has been forwarded around by baby boomers. The text of these emails usually include large fonts with bright colors as well as characters typed in all caps. The footer typically consists of animated imagery including but not limited to juggling clowns, sparkling rainbows, or patriotic themes such as a waving american flag.
Hey Andy, my gmail filter just let some more Boomer Mail through. I wish they had a filter for purple fonts.
by Rob Righter May 20, 2011
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