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Farting underneath the covers when one is alone. Onset is triggered by curiosity and typically results in catastrophic consequences. Analogue to dutch oven when said oven is used as a weapon against significant other.
Walter - I dutch hearthed myself last night after eating them prunes and almost spit up.
Delores - Maybe you'll stop doing it to me now after all these years.
Walter - Probably not.
by Rob Ranna November 03, 2008
The theory in which the sum of beers claimed to be drank is greater than beers ever present. Derives from the Macho-man complex where the more beer you drink the cooler you are. Simply, a 30 pack plus 10 phantom beers equals 40 beers claimed.
Chad- How was last night?
Blaine- Good, the five of us split a case of Natty; had about 7 or 8 each.
Chad- Sounds like a classic case of phantom case theory.
by Rob Ranna March 29, 2009

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