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One of the largest if not the largest skateboard retailers in America. Zumiez, believe it nor not, progresses skateboarding more than these mom and pop shops that they supposedly put out of business. Go anywhere there is a town with a 10 year old Zumiez store and you will find three things. 1. A skatepark that wasnt there before Zumiez. 2. A successful other skate shop that caters to all those kids that skate that have grown out of Zumiez. 3.TONS more kids skateboarding than before.

Zumiez is basically a grom shop that helps birth new skateboarders, its up to the small skate shops to get out and show them what skateboarding is REALLY about.
did your hometown skatepark come before or after zumiez did....
by Rob Militia April 28, 2009
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