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1) Lank fucked. Drunk or stoned to the point of being useless.

2) Of poor quality.
1) "I'm so fillep. I think I hit way too much bong hey Towellie!" "I don't know what the fuck is going on. I'm fillepping out!" "Ya I'm also squint!"

2) "Bahaha! Look how fillep that joint is! Where did you learn to roll hey scooper?! It's probably not even gonna pull!"
by Rob Michaels May 07, 2006
The level one is at after getting lank fucked, usually off booze and bong, and is struggling to keep his eyes from squinting.
"Fuck bru, last night we got so fucked and after that joint I was squinting so hard. But you were also lank squint bru.
by Rob Michaels May 07, 2006

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