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1 definition by Rob Knight

1. Used by both n00bs and true 1337s alike in order to convey their h4x0rz 5k1lz in a particular medium, primarily video and computer games. Its usage has become widespread, and now includes, but is not limited to, sports, sex, fighting, driving and eating. Essentially a synonym for "good."

2. An integer between the number 1336 and the number 1338.

3. The year that marked the beginning of the Hundred Years' War between two houses of the European nobility. These consisted of the House of Valois, who claimed the title of King of France, and the Plantagenets from England, who claimed to be Kings of France and England. Contrary to the implications of the name, the war lasted 116 years, ending in 1453.
1. z0mg m8 t4ht h4x0rz iz t3h 1337!

2. Guy #1:I'm thinking of a number between 1336 and 1338. What is it?

Guy #2: That's easy, you fuckwit. It's 1337.

Guy #1: Unfortunately for you, I didn't specify whether the number was an integer or not. I was, in fact, thinking of the number 1336.77389.

3. My favourite war is the Hundred Years' War, beginning in 1337 AD.
by Rob Knight May 30, 2008