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The first ever series of the hit boxer shorts, the 'Gollums'. Although they now look dated compared to the WORDGollum 3000's/WORD, they are still extremely sturdy. For those who dont know, these were the Gollums worn by Gollum in the Felllowship of the Ring. (In The Two Towers, he wears Gollum 2000's).
by Rob Kabrovski October 28, 2003
Perhaps the greatest boxer short ever made?
Who knows, we'll have to wait until Jan. 2006 until they are released (About the time it takes Peter Jackson to get dressed in the morning).
As the Gollum's pushed up the bar of boxer comfort, so will the Smeagols.
Also see: WORDGollum 3000's/WORD if you cant wait until the release date.
by Rob Kabrovski October 28, 2003
The sequel to the hit "Gollum 2000's" (Boxer shorts). They have new and improved 'comfort zones' and a special 'precious pocket' for sticking your precious in it. Truly a vast improvement over the WordGollum Originals/Word which were inferior in every way to the 3000's.
You can purchase them off the internet but why not just wait for the Gollum 4000's or Gollum Classics.
Costs around $69.99 or £65.99.

.....Or if you are really raking in the curry, you can wait for the WORDSmeagol's/WORD. Which look wikkid.
"Myself? I have the Gollum Classics"
- Joseph Stalin

"Gollum stands to make alot of dough out of this"
- CNN 'Business Review'
by Rob Kabrovski October 28, 2003

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