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High school in Alexandria, VA where girls get up at 6 AM everyday to straighten their hair, then put on clothing that makes them look like tye-died watermelons or oversized easter eggs. All the guys look exactly the same as well, and after school and on weekends get out their pink polos and skater shoes and go longboarding. Episcopal kids can't play sports, as much as they'd like to think they can.
A few days in the life of Episcopal:
Crisis. A big couple just broke up. All freshman girls can be seen crying to each other's rooms even though none of them actually knew either person in the couple.
Crisis. I lost my small black northface. It must be somewhere on campus.
Crisis. I didn't get the room I wanted next year, my life is therefore over.
Crisis. Even though I don't actually play lacrosse I lost my lax stick. Lax is life.
Crisis. The OC didn't come on this week.
by Rob Hershey June 21, 2005

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