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Hatred of all man kind.
Misanthropy will get you far!
by Rob Helegda! January 15, 2005
A singer/minstrel/poet of folk songs/literature.
Troubadours were musicians.
by Rob Helegda! January 17, 2005
To raid in search of riches. To pillage for spoils.

Someone who^^^ would also be known as "a marauder". They are usualy characterized as rouges or thieves
He chums, lets us marauder that thrift shop!
by Rob Helegda! January 17, 2005
Someone with much skill in an art, a great musician, composer or music teacher.
The maestro for the orchestra will be Jonny.
by Rob Helegda! January 14, 2005
To make pure sodium: take table salt and heat it(hotter than your stove) in a metal dish until it melts. Then run electricity through it. Don't breathe the gas. It will then release a gas that is pure chlorine, IF YOU BREATHE IT YOU WILL DIE.

Pure sodium explodes in water so have fun. It also burns through most materials. Enjoy. Don't be retarded when dealing with pure sodium.
Sodium has the chemical symbol Na. Its atomic number is 11, and its atomic weight is 22.9898. The melting point of sodium is 97.8 °C, and its boiling point is 881 °C.
by Rob Helegda! January 28, 2005
Picts are people who lived in northern Britain and later formed Scotland.
Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave Grooving with a Pict.
by Rob Helegda! February 01, 2005
Uranium235 is an isotope of uranium that differs from the element's other common isotope, uranium-238, by its ability to cause a rapidly expanding fission chain reaction. A uranium nucleus that absorbs a neutron splits into two lighter nuclei; this is called nuclear fission. It releases either two or three neutrons which continue the reaction. In nuclear reactors, the reaction is slowed down by the addition of control rods which are made of elements such as boron, cadmium, and hafnium which can absorb a large number of neutrons. In nuclear bombs, the reaction is uncontrolled and the large amount of energy released creates a nuclear explosion.

One atom of U-235 generates 200 MeV = 3.2 × 10-11 J, i.e. 18 TJ/mol = 77 TJ/kg.

Only around 0.72% of all natural uranium is uranium-235, the rest being mostly uranium-238. This concentration is insufficient for a self sustaining reaction; enrichment, which just means separating out the uranium-238, must take place to get a usable concentration of uranium-235. For an explosion, approximately 90% purity is required.
Have fun with u235. Play catch with it or something.
by Rob Helegda! January 31, 2005

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