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Rob Halford is the amazing original vocalist with Heavy Metal pioneers Judas Priest. Although the equally mighty Black Sabbath invented Heavy Metal, Mr. Halford and his mates helped to develop the sound and image into what we now recognize as modern Heavy Metal.

Rob Halford later quit Judas Priest to get his own band together and released music under the name "Halford". Thankfully he's back now with Judas Priest, and was recently touring with fellow Metal Gods Black Sabbath on the Ozzfest tour (in fact he even sang with Sabbath at one gig when Ozzy couldnt make it!).

We will hear more from Rob Halford and Judas Priest in the future. A lot more.
1. Dude, Halford could blow Ozzy off the stage man!

2. That Ripper guy was good yo, But Halford is the man!

3. You'd best check out this Halford CD I got, homie. These are the illest fuckin rhymes I ever seen son!
by Rob Halford November 21, 2004

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