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Space Pirate Ninja from the future. Well known badass, and conqueror. Very tough, hard to kill, and hardly ever gives up. Keeps a positive attitude, and doesn't let things bother him. Others are envious of his talents and abilities and hate him for it, but secretly wish that they were him. People either love or hate him, but those who don't don't know the real Orion yet. Orion is a good friend to have, but someone you don't want as an enemy. But he is very forgiving to his enemies.
Orion just entered the forum and told off that troll.

Orion just liberated the miners from Stern Metal corporation and set them up with Stern Metal's money and facilities.

That troll got jealous of Orion's programming abilities and tried to troll him, but Orion didn't let it bother him and called the troll on his logical fallacies and errors.
by Rob Gorden November 19, 2009

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