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Rimming is the popular term for analingus. It is when you lick or kiss your lover's anal opening for erotic stimulation. If you find rimming distasteful, skip this page, but know that for every person who recoils there is a person who wholeheartedly enjoys giving or getting a rim job.Rimming can be delightfully nasty, or a deeply tender act that two lovers share. You can make the experience into anything you want. For many people, rimming is their preferred form of anal stimulation because the lips and tongue of their lover are softer and more sensitive than fingers, a toy, a penis, or dildo. Learning to rim takes a little know how, but most importantly, rimming requires that you know about safety concerns and have established trust and sexual communication with your partner. And rimming isn't for folks who are afraid or ashamed of the sex they already share with their partner. Rob is a prime example who truly exemplifies the true extent of these actions. This is not Jin
When salt application process in the above margarita example had been accomplished by applying a band of water or lemon or lime juice on the rim of the glass and introducing the moistened rim into a dish or reservoir of salt. Rimjob Rob.
by Rob Escarcega October 05, 2007
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