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Cement Guy is someone who posts fake images and tells tons of lies on their web page. You will notice Cement Guy is NEVER in the pics he posts. Also known to use many question marks at the end of non-question sentences, Cement Guy has terrible grammer. Cement Guy tells a lot of lies.
WOW! Did you see the pics of the Harley Rob posted on his page? It's not even the same bike in each pic. What a f__king Cement Guy.
by Rob Edens August 19, 2007
Online Fantasy World or O.F.W. is when someone steals other peoples images and posts them as their own. OFW's will steal images and claim they took them and were a part of them even thought they themselves are never actually in the images. OFW's will also steal the comments off the original image to answer questions left on their posted image.

Also see Cement Guy
Did you see Rob's TA page? He's a total Online Fantasy World'er. He stole those pics from Tony! What a Cement Guy.
by Rob Edens February 13, 2008
Ojoazure is usually an 80 year old, over medicated and drunk individual who sits in front of their computer for hours. Ojoazure people wear diapers so they can crap and piss their pants and don't have to leave their computer. Ojoazure people pretend they are cats online. Know in online communities as total douche bags.
Does George really expect us to think he is a cat? That drunk, overmedicated ojoazure is a total douche bag.
by Rob Edens September 02, 2007
Miss E is a type of female that is an attention whore and a drama queen. A Miss E likes to exploit others to gain attention to herself. Example, posting images of starving children or Katrina victims to gain comments or attention to their own web pages. Avoid Miss E type people at all costs. Miss E people are total cunts and bitches and will drain you of all energy once you comment on their images.
Can you believe that Miss E is exploiting starving childern on her page to gain comments and attention? That Miss E is a cunt.
by Rob Edens September 07, 2007
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