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5 definitions by Rob Earl

One is longcocked when he has his girlfriend or object of his affection spirited away by someone who might be perceived as more virile.
Longcocked again! You are such a Nancyboy!
by Rob Earl January 09, 2004
36 17
When someone is checking out your ass.
Zude, that nympho ranger totally just gave you a smoking hoopshot! You fully ride the short bus if you dont hop on that hoop hound!
by Rob Earl January 09, 2004
1 1
If anything flies off your dashboard while driving, your radometer has gone off.
Zude, slow down -- that's the third time the radometer's gone off.
by Rob Earl December 29, 2003
2 3
cyberpunk form of dude
Zude, like, what's up?
by Rob Earl January 08, 2004
7 12
short for summer
zude, how's your zum going?
by Rob Earl December 29, 2003
6 29