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After a period of six months without sex, a man may have sex with anyone he see's fit, and he cannot be mocked by his friends. Any hole literally is the goal.
ex 1.
Guy 1: Fuck me, that chick has two heads!
Guy 2: Meh....I would tap it
Guy 1: wtf
Guy 2: six month rule man
Guy 1: Good point

ex 2.
Guy 1: I have something to admit. I fucked a really fat bird last week...she was like 300 pounds!
Guy 2: When did you and Lisa break up
Guy 1: About 7 months ago I guess
Guy 2: Then its all cool bro.
by Rob D (xpoc) February 19, 2007
Easy task, something that is not hard.
Guy 1: I can play the sweet child O mine solo
Guy 2: Really!!! :O
Guy 1: Yeah, piece of piss
by Rob D (xpoc) February 16, 2007

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