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A very hated team with a great history and a constant threat in there division no matter who is running the ball they are a threat
Denver Broncos will win their division this year
by Rob Chaboyer May 18, 2005
PFFF Longhorns suck ya ok who got slaughtered 55-19 and asked USC to run the ball so the clock wouldnt stop in the Orange Bowl

Longhorns at least won the Rose Bowl
Sooners suck there streak of beating the Longhorns is doen this year
by Rob Chaboyer August 26, 2005
A very stupid system that is impossible with or without humains beause someone has to force "equality" so there for that person is not an equal he is btr.
There has never been communism and there nvr wil be because noone will work for the smae amount is a paperboy

O ya dumbasses China is so uncommunist u can own factories there
by Rob Chaboyer June 09, 2005
decent band but were a bunch of hipocryts by being on a majour record label and breaking up over money from wut i hear but also supporting communism and making millions doing so.
ship rage to cuba make them live there they would be baggin for cpitilist USA
when will comunists learns comunism fucks up more than it helps

by Rob Chaboyer July 11, 2005
Half the Qb Elway was
Steve Young wishes he was Elway.
by Rob Chaboyer May 17, 2005

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