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5 definitions by Rob Batavia

When a guy moves in on a girl that another man has began courting. Usually at a party/club/bar while the other man goes for a drink or to the bathroom but can also apply to any situation where a man has expressed interest in a girl and another man moves in without regard/respect. It is a sign of grievious disrespect and may result in shunning from the male group or a serious beating/pounding/rolling or other retribution. (also Cock blocker and cock blocking)
"I was talking to this girl and my buddy sat down on the other side of her and kept butting into our conversation trying to flirt with her, I'm gonna beat that cock blocker down!"
by Rob Batavia February 27, 2003
77 44
Just like any other computer you get what you pay for. If you spend $600 on a computer it's going to be a non-upgradable pos just like a Gateway you ignorant fuc.
I got a good deal on a dell computer that's the same fucking thing as the gateway that was $200 more.
by Rob Batavia February 27, 2003
35 34
Headbands, sweatpants, and drunken blow-jobs. Also- a girl from Long Island (see also LI girls)

"That LI girl from UB was such a slut"
by Rob Batavia February 27, 2003
6 8
when a man slightly arouses his member to either look bigger in public or to keep from urinating. (warning: method may be painful)
"I had to go so bad man, the only way I kept myself from pissing my pants was by chubbing it"
by Rob Batavia February 26, 2003
11 14
any guy than only drinks liquer and other fine spirits
"My friend only drinks scotch, he's such a finch"
by Rob Batavia February 26, 2003
3 10