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An explosive mixture of charchoal, saltpepper and sulfur in a ratio of 75:15:10. This is used for fireworks, rocketry, and bullet propellant. Gunpowder was invented by Chinese alchemists in the 9th century AD.
Gun powder is used in fire arms.
by Rob Helegda! January 16, 2005
The most badass comic book character ever. Lobo is an alien who's always stomping peoples faces in on planet Eart.
Be sure to check out the Lobo Christmas edition comic book! He shows Santa who's boss!
by Rob Helegda! January 17, 2005
Usually referred to as just u235. It is an isotope of uranium that differs from the element's other common isotope, u238, by its ability to cause a rapidly expanding fission chain reaction. A uranium nucleus that absorbs a neutron splits into two lighter nuclei; this is called nuclear fission. It releases either two or three neutrons which continue the reaction. In nuclear reactors, the reaction is slowed down by the addition of control rods which are made of elements such as boron, cadmium, and hafnium which can absorb a large number of neutrons. In nuclear bombs, the reaction is uncontrolled and the large amount of energy released creates a nuclear explosion.

One atom of U-235 generates 200 MeV = 3.2 × 10-11 J, i.e. 18 TJ/mol = 77 TJ/kg.

Only around 0.72% of all natural uranium is uranium-235, the rest being mostly uranium-238. This concentration is insufficient for a self sustaining reaction; enrichment, which just means separating out the uranium-238, must take place to get a usable concentration of uranium-235. For an explosion, approximately 90% purity is required.
U235, oh yea that's the stuff...
by Rob Helegda! January 31, 2005
Mercury fulminate is a primary explosive. It is highly sensitive to friction, heat and shock. Its main use is blasting caps, which was discovered by Alfred Nobel, although it was first discovered by Howard.

It can be prepared by mixing alcohol (18 parts) with a solution prepared by action of concentrated nitric acid (60 parts) on mercury (1 part). The solution is slightly heated and maintained below 60°C. After a couple of minutes a reaction happens that heats the solution.

The fumes should not be breathed since they are toxic. Soon, mercury fulminate precipitates. The product has to be washed with water until no trace of acid remains. The manipulation of mercury fulminate is quite safe, provided that it remains humid.
Mercury fulminate, that's the stuff...
by Rob Helegda! January 31, 2005
Pretentious, demanding.
Bill ostentatiously fucked Monica.
by Rob Helegda! January 16, 2005
An online first person shooter, that uses the Half-Life engine, therefore it is a mod for Half-Life. It is commonly mistaken for "teh 1337357 game evor!!!11" Which it's not of course. There are de_, which stand for detonation, or defusal maps and cs_, which are hostage maps. There are two teams. Counter-Terrorists which consist of the SAS, GIGN, GSG9 and SEALS and Terrorists which consist of Arctic Avengers, Guerilla Warface, 1337 Kr3w(Arab) and Phoenix Connextion. This game was first made for those who like to use strategy and teamwork, now like all other Half-Life mods, it's where 10 year olds can say "fag, fucker, dick" without getting yelled at by adults, and where potheads try acting "1337" Also, helped create the most annoying word of all time: "teh"
Lets go play a game of Counter-Strike

I pwN3d teh nubx0rz omg!!!! Fag ur teh sux0rz!!11!1!1111eleven!!!
by Rob Helegda! February 20, 2005
Some one with mad skills on an instrument. A professional musician.
Rob is such a virtuoso, only David Gilmour is better than him.
by Rob Helegda! January 14, 2005

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