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A 100% heterosexual male who's body language and way of speaking is totally effeminate.
That dude we were talking to seems totally gay but his hot girlfriend told me he's just an Effeminate Heterosexual.
by roadierules January 02, 2011
When someone uses a disability or illness as a way to pressure you into doing something nice for them. Taking advantage of someone by using their kindness and compassion to manipulate them.
That guy always begs the band to introduce them, gets backstage all the time because of his bad legs and then acts all hurt if they say no. What a Compassion Bully.
by RoadieRules December 18, 2012
When a guest on a talk show goes cold, completely disagreeable and unfriendly to the host and everyone.
Wow, that guy on Carolla went totally "Gould" on the show last night.
by RoadieRules February 28, 2013

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