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1. A measure of time.

2. More specifically, the amount of time it would take "Diesel Dan" to fuck up someone who has pissed him off.

3. This unit of time, being so quick, has yet to be calculated to an exact length. Still, researchers and witnesses to an event lasting one fucking two seconds have concluded that it is undoubtedly shorter than a New York minute, blink of an eye, two shakes of a lambs tail, and Superman in flight, which also by default makes it faster than a speeding bullet.
"Fuck that. I'll fuck him up in one fucking two seconds!"
by Road Block June 07, 2006
Something so phenomenal that neither fabulous or fantastic would suffice to describe it. This is no doubt a word that will be readily adopted by the gay community and people who say chillax.
"Oh my god, Billy! That new scarf you're wearing is just fabulastic!"
by Road Block June 07, 2006
A person that ruins your concert experience. A total custy that spends his days playing devil-stix and listening to Birds Of A Feather on repeat. An extremely loud whistler at Phish concerts. Devotes free time collecting Tom Jones memorabilia.
"The Phish show was great until that gennet came and sat by us."
by Road block December 05, 2013

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