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1 definition by Ro123(:

Kenzie often describes an awesome girl that everyone wants to be around. Most have gorgeous blue eyes and flawless dark brown hair. She doesn't realize just how beautiful she really is until she takes the time to look. She can be incredibly ditsy but still smart. She has great athletic ability and often excels over others with less practice. Most Kenzies are very curvy and makes friends with both guys and girls easily. She never gives up a fight and she will bitch you out. She enjoys spending time with her friends and laughing along with them.
Girl 1: Gosh, I can't believe she's so good at basketball.
Girl 2: Well, she is a Kenzie

Guy 1: Damn, look at her body.
Guy 2: I know. She's obviously a Kenzie.
by Ro123(: August 11, 2011