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A person who has learned to appreciate all forms of rock n'roll. Be it, goth, emo, punk, metal, glam etc. All forms of rock literally means: ALL FORMS OF ROCK.

Many rockers go by the simple phrase: Rock for Life, or Rock 4 Life.(Same thing.)

But in some cases, rockers have learned to appreciate their own music so much, that they've learned to appreciate all forms of music, such as rap, classical, pop and jazz. This can lead to great friendships with people of all types. Jocks, preps, and more. But I prefer not to use stereotypes. Most rockers don't. Being a rocker is a way of life and many of us are above stereotypes.

Many rockers are actually fun and nice people who love nothing more than hanging out and partying.
"Being a rocker is a great way to live life! :D"
"If I wasn't a rocker I don't know how I'd live ha!"
by Ro(k4Lif3 August 18, 2011

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