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Smurf bukkake is ultra dank bud. It is called such because it is so covered in crystals it looks like the smurfs got together for a bukkake session and came all over your bud.

It has nothing to do with the color of the smurfs, just that they're really small.

And homosexual.
"Fuck dude, this shit is fucking dank. How much did it cost you?"

"$25 a gram man."


"You want to smoke smurf bukkake, you've got to pay for smurf bukkake."
by Rizzo Repulsive December 12, 2006
Emo sewer is a word to describe anything that is negative or incredibly horrific.

It origninated from "emosewa" which is "awesome" backwards.
"Dude, Dashboard Confessional is such a great band!"
"Fuck that emo sewer bullshit."


"Hey man, I've got this cool new phrase! It's 'emo sewer'! I made it up all by myself."

"Fuck no you didn't, Rizzo did!"
by Rizzo Repulsive May 25, 2005
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