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an universal expression used to indicate a feeling, sentiment, response, or question.
Similar to the expression 'blah', with more power. 'blah' has a soft ending, while 'blar' has a more pronounced annunciation. Also, 'blah' usually is an association of a sentiment like 'whatever', 'blar' is not restricted to single context usage.
'blar' can be applied in any context. Differentiating the meaning is dependant on the timing of the word, the tone, and or body language used to convey it.
q: "How do you feel right now?"
a: *shrugs shoulders* "blar"
q: "What do you think of that?"
a: *blank look on face* "It's blar."
a: "So I told her what I thought."
q: *puzzled look* "blar?"
by Riven (Chapel) August 16, 2003
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