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Going to the pub for just one beer - "There can be only one." In reference to the Highlander movie.
"Hey, Arby. You fancy meeting down the pub for a highlander?"

"Yeah, sure Chief. There can be only one."
by Rip Clint February 29, 2012
During the act of lovemaking, one turtling partner (male or female) squats over the others face and begins to lay cable. Open-mouthed, they let the poo slide in. Rather than dropping it all, half way through, the squatter sucks the turd back up their own ass. This is then repeated until the squatter can no longer suck it back or accidentally crimps a bit off. In a sense, it is like fellatio but with poo.
“Last night i was busy giving my old lady the love bomb of her life. Everything was going really well until she accidentally bit down. She’s in the bathroom right now... flossing.”
by Rip Clint September 22, 2010

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