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Beautiful person, smart and intelligent
wow! he is a naveed.
by Ringo Starr November 02, 2003
A document that the US Libertarian Party (www.LP.org) supports. The Constitution (Article I, Section 8) lists a set of enumerated powers for the federal government.

Some of these enumerated powers include: military defense, coining money, establishing post offices and post roads.
Democrats say they support the Constitution but want more federal welfare programs and 20,000 gun laws. Republicans say they support the Constitution but support National ID cards and the Patriot Act.
by Ringo Starr April 01, 2006
Unlike Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians support the CONSTITUTION.

There are three types of Libertarians:
anarcho-capitalists (very small % of the party): Private enterprise should provide all government functions including
military defense and police protection.

minarchists: Government should be very small. As in just a police force and a military. Maybe roads.

Constitutionalists (like me): Article I, Section 8 of the Cosntitution means what it means. The federal government should follow this document...not ignore it. The Constitution isn't just a good idea...it's the law.

All Libertarians are not drug-using, machine gun toting, public school privatizing anarchists...some of us just want medical marijuana, sensible gun control (no nuclear weapons) and school vouchers...
by Ringo Starr April 01, 2006

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