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a gay, but muscular barrista who looks and acts like michael bolton, who is also gay.
geez, i wanted to slap that boltonista upside the head - except he might cry and then kick my ass
by RileyRampant January 02, 2009
tramp with huge fake tits, rendered from grapefruit-sized silicone clumps
skank was mean, with a hard 40 and snake juice in her good eye from me it was like humping a bag of softballs.
by RileyRampant January 02, 2009
year of the dog
2k9 - the year my homework got ate. by the dog. every day.

quit lifting your leg on my zune, snifster!
by RileyRampant January 01, 2009
pie that has been humiliated.

pie that has been knocked off its pie horse.
that pie thought it was 'all that', but
now 'at pie aint so pie and mighty, cwaz its now a humble pie, mm hm
by RileyRampant January 02, 2009
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