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The word peace is over used, underused. And a fade that people have been flowing with for the last past year or so. peace is to want the world to be respectful loving and fair to nearly everybody. You want everyone in the world to not hurt, to be in love and to feel every part of themselves. you dont care about underage sex, drinking, nor drugs. because everyone finds thee peaceful state of mind in different types of forms. killing is wrong, and you work your differences through words. Life is more fun when you put violence aside and gather peace.
peace and love makes tis world go round.
by Rikishareen December 21, 2008
if you were born on feburary 28, your most likely to be sweet, nice, and very sexy. You probably have two kids, a very very HOT!! Daughter. And a adorable little son. you probably get bad when people steal your stuff, and need to have at least one rockstar a day.
Look at Angie! she must be born on Feburary 28!
by Rikishareen December 21, 2008

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