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An extremely bad section of Erie County. To some, it is known as the armpit of th northwest PA. In Albone, you are likely to be stabbed, mugged, jumped, shot, and/or killed. Many people come to Albone, but few make it out alive. Gangsters roam the streets day and night, so make sure to have a police escort at all times. Bob Kinney is the leader of this gang. He chews a lot of Copenhagen and stabs 5 US Navy Seals to death at the same time while trying to rob the National City Bank. He is said to currently live under the bridge at the Albone community park. Not much is known of his origin, but his wrath is still felt nonetheless.
A few of my good friends were killed in Albone by Bob Kinney. He first stabbed them, spit tobacco juice in their wounds, then finished them of with his shotty like John Gotti.
by Ried McFarlane October 29, 2005

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