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An abbreviation for "personal". Used to explain to others your status involving outside heads on your blunt.

To "only roll pers", to have obtained enough weed to declare that you need a blunt all to yourself to be satisfied and/or have the power to do so.
"lets all throw down 2 grams for this next blizz"

"tell you what, you guys do that, ima roll a one eighth pers blunt"
by Ridgefields Finest October 25, 2007
A dutch meant to be used to roll into a blunt, however possessing no end on the leaf where it can be peeled. The roller often continually turns and turns it looking for the end before turning to the other side, or cracking a new as it is deemed an Infinity Dutch.
"What the fuck is taking you so long you rook"

"Its a fucking infinity dutch, get in the car."
by Ridgefields Finest October 25, 2007
extra legit.
weighed to the thousandth of a gram.
replacement for the overused word, legit.
"wow, your sweet 16 is sponsored by yagermeister?"
"thats leeg"
by Ridgefields Finest October 25, 2007
A legit replacement for the overused word "legit"

super legit
Rook - "I like, legit, didnt do my homework"

Vet Status - "...not how you use the word fag"

Random Onlooker - "Finally, someone who notices"

Vet Status - "that rook was so non legi"
by Ridgefields Finest October 25, 2007
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