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When a girl your partying with is tipsy, but acting like a sloppy drunk.
"Dude i went to a party last night and Jamie was so sloppsy she had like only 3 beers but was having anal sex and shitting everywhere"
"Dude WTF how sloppsy was she?"
"Enough to shit everywhere"
by Ricky Utopia April 07, 2008
A word to express enjoyment and excellence
I just made it to level 60 on World of Warcraft
by Ricky Utopia April 07, 2008
a word to express enjoyment and excellence
Mike:Dude did you see leben whoop ass tonight
Andrew:Are you serious?
Mike:Yeah killed he anderson
by Ricky Utopia April 06, 2008
the act of chowing and munching down your food
dude i was mauin' down mickey d's double cheeseburgers all day
by Ricky Utopia April 04, 2008
When a girl is just a down right whore/slut. She usually loves white guys then goes to blacks next then wherever and whoever next.

Or you could use Sliz which is equally awesome
Josh: "Chelsea is such a Slizernut she was with Tom last night then she was with Jerome tonight and tomorrow its probably gonna be that asian kid on the 4th floor"
Jerry " What dude!! im dating Chelsea"
Josh "Dude your girl is a Sliz"
by Ricky Utopia May 27, 2010

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