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A man or woman who for some unknown reason will follow you around the place, copy your style or generally get on your tits/up your arse.

an Arse monkey has no imagination and will mimic or copy people
just got a new shirt in the Sales and that Arse monkey ...... had goes and gets one.

Saw ..... the other day she is a being right ficking Arse Monkey with her boyfriend.
by Rick Walford June 09, 2005
To Chrome a Turd....... or Turd Chroming is a process of Making the the very best out of a blatantly bad/shit thing. Similar to Turd polishing but to a much higher level

The Turd Chromer is he individual who performs the polishing act

the ultimate in making a bad thing good.

To Chrome a Turd.......
Mik is in the Studio turd Chroming again and doing another Hard House Remix.

He has the Midas Touch amongst Musicians and natural Chrome Poishing abilities....

by Rick Walford December 14, 2007
An organism that is pulled from the shower drain - consisting of semen and matted hair, That is trying to reunite itself with its Maker /biological Parent
1) you f*&king messy bastard, i just pulled this frankenwank out the shower coz it wasnt draining.

2) Daddy I'm your son you left me for dead in the shower, i cant believe you don't care about me.... i'm your biological son- frankenwank.

3) whilst waxing the finless dolphin in the shower simon had no idea that his future son was being created down the drain hole....

by Rick Walford April 08, 2007
A Fungal infection of the Genitals (similar to Trench Foot)

This is often caused by 3-4 days at a festival or party with no attention to personal hygiene.

it is also referred to as "Dangle Rot"...
Fuck me john, I pulled this bird at The Glade Festival and when i went down on her i had a peep at her growler and it stank like a heap of rotten cottage cheese, I think she has got trench crotch
by Rick Walford December 14, 2007
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