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Statement of support, encouragement, or respect from one blue collar guy, military man, cowboy, redneck, country boy or rough neck to another. Never to be used by city slickers, yuppies and those not seeking the affections of the opposite sex! Used to define a moment to come, a moment that passed or a dream one hopes will come true. Most oftenly refered to by guys in reference to potential sexual encounters with hot chicks. Commonly refers to times when to cowboy up would be required.
1) Two guys at a bar, ones sees a really hot chick, the other guy says "Git R Dun" 2) Men's League Softball, Bases loaded, guy walks up to the plate, his buddies say "Git R Dun", 3) Honky Tonk Bar, Mechanical Bull, Urban Cowboys, guy steps up to ride this "bull", his pals say "Git R Dun"
by Rick Rowe April 14, 2004

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