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4 definitions by Richy Boy

Slang term for a mans purple headed womb ferret.
"Darling, I've heard that you play a musical instrument. Wrap your lips around my Blue Veined Flute & lets see what note cums out."
by Richy Boy August 19, 2005
A quim fit to bursting with baby gravy.
After a five hour, 10 man orgy, Lucy's quim was filled up like a plasterer's bucket.
by Richy Boy August 19, 2005
Yet another word for a blokes pork sword, one eyed trouser snake or put quite simply... his cock!
Hello Darling. Fancy working your hand up & down my man gland?
by Richy Boy January 25, 2005
Every mans pride & joy, well unless its really small & smells a bit. His meat and two veg, spam javelin or man meat.
(With reference to a true swamp donkey) "You wouldn't get my Happy Tackle anywhere near that. Not even if you paid me!"
by Richy Boy January 25, 2005