1 definition by Richie DeCesare

A place on the internet where left-wing fucktards like to flock to. Full of conspiracy drivel and outright misinformation. It isn't as bad now as it used to be, but it's still pretty bad. The majority of the posters are still completely insane.
There are however, a few sane posters at shoutwire.

Sane Poster 1: Hey remember those retards that kept posting that Bush was an alien?

Sane Poster 2: Yeah lol.

Sane Poster 1: What the fuck happened to 'em?

Sane Poster 2: Maybe they were silenced by the "evil" government. Oh nevermind, they're still here.

Sane Poster 1: Fuck this site.
by Richie DeCesare August 14, 2007

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