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2 definitions by Richard_Cranium12345

A unique way of describing photographs of a macro event.
That experience of history was caught on individual twitter feeds all over the city
by Richard_Cranium12345 December 14, 2011
Genius Elders that control the ebb and flow of world economies corporations and countries but can't control there bowels. (Usually found on world stages,members only country clubs and sitting alone in front of ginormous fire places on either a wheel or rocking chair with a tartan blanket folded across his knees contemplating his next move) Not worrying for movement inside his body
"Wow Ebenezer is really helping solve the European debt crisis but the odor around him is akin to a barn"
"He's using his jediot powers please don't disturb him just yet"
by Richard_Cranium12345 December 09, 2011