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Devotees of a particular style of British Ambassadorship who get their training in and around the soccer grounds of Britain and in the pubs thereabouts.

Such training involves the development of debilitating martial arts, environmental trashing, the highest forms of foul-mouthed language and the use of recreational drugs including large quantities of alcohol.

These highly trained paragons are then given short-term diplomatic posts overseas where they attempt to convey the meaning of Britishness using all the skills at their disposal.

Such is the importance of these ambassadors that they invariably get a police escort.
The Chief Constable of Roma sighed heavily and called a meeting in which he cancelled all leave for the weekend that the British Soccer Hooligans were expected over to conduct negotiations with their Italian friends.
Short for hoodlum - a criminal of a thuggish nature - liable to mug, rob, steal, burgle (that's burglarize to anyone who speaks Yankish), create havoc at sporting venues (that's Soccer Hooligan).

Hoodlums are not 'good-people'.

This word can be naively used to encourage the development of socially adjusted behaviour in one's offspring:
"Oy, you! - shutcha mahf - yor turnin' intwa right 'oodlum, you are."

Trans: "Excuse me, please be quiet, the making of excessive noise will lead to a life of crime."
A term used by angry drivers when there's no time and the navigator is being less than adequate for the purpose.

ROFL = (is that) Right! Or! Fucking! Left ??!!!
Navigator: I think we turn here somewhere. Oh there it is. No it's that one points in a vague way out of the line of sight of the driver Oh, this one way system has me so confused. Do you remember when we were ...

Driver as the crucial one-chance-only turning rapidly approaches: ROFL!! ROFL!!

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