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a punch to someones groin area
Bill drank Tom's last beer, so Tom gave him a cockpunch
by richard taylor April 25, 2003
When someone gets hit and they dont get bac up.
when u knock someone the fuck out,when someone gets the shit punched or slapped out of them.
Damn when i punched him i hurt my hand. You should have gave that nicca a one hitta quitta.
by Richard Taylor April 16, 2003
1. A Phat Azz
2. A Really Phat Azz
Damn u c dat azz! Shortie got a budonk.
by Richard Taylor September 02, 2003
refer to seb, watch the movie snitch'd now!
southside gang is a bunch of putos!!!
by richard taylor March 31, 2005
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