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The inhalation of edible solids. Also known as the act of converting food directly into carbon dioxide. One may not notice this food actually exists as it will be inhaled so quickly.
1)Herald and Fred were eating lunch together. Herald dropped a dollar on the floor and bent over to retrieve it. By the time he came back up his friend had already finished his entire lunch. "Wow, you certainly jurgensed your food!" exclaimed Herald.

2)The boy finished his meal so fast each day that his friends soon came to pick on him for constantly jurgensing.
by Richard Snodgrass February 12, 2008
The act of laughing in an obnoxious manner after everything that you say. It can be tagged at the end of any statement to make it appear that you are being sarcastic.
1)Fred used foresting by adding a shrill laugh to the end of a normally hateful statement, in attempts to pass it off as a harmless joke: "Your probably the ugliest person i've ever seen! HAHAHA"
by Richard Snodgrass February 12, 2008
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