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The moment during a conversation in which someone uses a smart phone to look up a fact or tidbit of information that pertains to the conversation.
person 1: "Who directed Dazed & Confused?"
person 2: Um wasn't it was that guy that made Slacker?
person 3: Yeah that sounds right, he's from Austin I think?
person 4: (takes out smart phone) Hold on, let me check...
persons 1,2 & 3: (in unison) SPM!
person 4: (brief pause) "It's Richard Linklater. Lets see... he was born in Houston & moved to Austin to become a film maker. It says here that 'he made Slacker for only $23,000. The film is an aimless day in the life of the city of Austin.' Hey, did you know Ben Affleck is in this movie?

person 1: SPM dude!
person 4: SPM, what's that?
person 1: urban dictionary bro, look it up.
person 4: (takes out smart phone) Lets see here...
persons 1, 2 & 3: (in unison) SPM!
by Richard Linklater's Assistant February 21, 2012

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